Conner Schuh is a Los Angeles based, creative artist with a passion for creating powerful visual content for a variety of brands, athletes, companies and artists. Conner delivers the highest quality of work while forming concepts with his clients and fulfilling their wishes through his own unique style and creative process.              

Growing up, Conner always had a love for a variety of sports, including, baseball, skateboarding, motocross, and anything else that involved a board and a good adrenaline rush. Naturally, Conner began pushing his skills to new limits after becoming a sponsored downhill longboarder for Original Skateboards. He spent 5 years of his time producing videos and taking still photos of the sport. From this, began his love for creating still photos.

Conner was awarded the 2016 CBRE Urban Photographer of the Year and was featured by global, multi-platform media and entertainment company Mashable, and also Dailynews for his work. 

His work has been posted in Manhattan subway stations as ads for CBRE. Conner has also gone on to receive recognition for having one of 2015’s “Best Drone Beach Photos” issued out by Mashable.

He has also been awarded 1st place in “Best News Photo” for the 2017 California College Media Awards and 2nd place in “Best Photo Series” for the 2016 California College Media Awards.


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